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Audio visual lifestyle photography by UK photographer Del Manning

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is the pinnacle of icon design and best in class audio quality. I'm a big fan of their TVs and audio so it's been a joy to have shot quite a few product images for them over the years on location across

Advertising photography - overhead photography - by UK photographer Del Manning

Hitachi Europe

These images are part of a set for Hitachi Europe. The concept was to show their wide range of products touching peoples everyday lives. They wanted to feature products such as low-cost heating for swimming pools and quieter, more fuel-efficient construction machinery. I devised some

Lifestyle audio equipment photography by photographer Del Manning

Cambridge Audio Lifestyle

These are part of a set of images I shot for British hifi manufacturer Cambridge Audio. As with many of my shoots, I managed all the locations and model sourcing. And I work with a great team of makeup artists and stylists to create the

Advertising photography by UK photographer Del Manning

Epson Sensewear Advertising

Epson were launching two fitness products and asked our sister agency Relish to create an integrated launch campaign. I devised the print and video concepts, and shot the print campaign and directing the film. The key feature of the GPS running watch and fitness wristband were

Lifestyle photography by UK photographer Del Manning

Lifestyle shoot

Two of my great friends had a beautiful house in Suffolk and I thought it was the perfect spot for a lifestyle shoot for an image library. It became the same location for a new product launch shoot for Bang & Olufsen several months later.